1 Sec. Quick Respon Φ19-Φ76 4-20ma 24VDC 2 Way Stainless Steel 304 Proportional Integral Control Motorized Ball Valve


size: Φ19

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Product Detail:                                                                                                                    
◎ With a 1-Second Quick Response, This Control Valve Offers Unmatched Precision and Control For Your Industrial Needs. Quick Respon, Fast Open And Closed;
◎ 24VDC 4-20ma 15N.m ISO5211 F03/04/05 Standard Connection Actuator;
◎ Installed With 2 Way  Φ19-Φ76 217.5PSI(1.5Mpa) Brass Ball Valve Body; 
◎ Menu Can Report Real-time Failure, including Stuck Or Other Reasons Which Lead Actuator Fail To Realize Valve On/off Integrally, and Output Failure Warning Signal; 
◎ Built-in Motor Control Module, High-Performance Brushless Motor Frequency Speed Control Can Realize Accurate Positioning, Built-in Overload Protection of Internal Motor; 
◎ 1.3" OLED Screen, No Visual Dead Angle, Highly Bright, Energy Saving And Eco-Friendly, Real Time To Show Valve Opening Angle And External Control Command Smart Ball Valve Actuator. Enter Sleeping State Automatically After About 5 Minutes, While It Could Prompt Location State And Its Control Command At Sleeping Time;

Product Overview:
◎ Valve Dimension: Φ19-Φ76 BSPP or NPT Thread Available;
◎ Working Pressure:217.5PSI(1.5Mpa);
◎ Actuator Rated Torque: 20N.m; 
◎ Recomand Install Below 15N.m Valvd Body; 
◎ Rated Voltage: 24VAC/DC;
◎ Control Signal: 4-20ma; 
◎ Position Feedback:4-20ma; 
◎ Position Accuracy: ±1%(Set By Software); 
◎ Adopted High-Performance Brushless Motor, Overload Protection of Internal Motor; 
◎ It can be used 20,000 times.*1; 
◎ Working temperature: 0-180°C(High Temperature)

Electrical Data:
◎ Rated Voltage: AC/DC24V (AC18-28V; DC18-32V); 
◎ Power Consumption: 15W@Running, 0.5w@Holding; 
◎ Peak Current: 950mA@5ms; 
◎ Connecting Cable: 7*0.2mm² Cable, Voltage Withstand AC300V; 
◎ Fuse: 2A;

Functional Data:
◎ Rated Torque: 20N.m;
◎ Angle Of Rotation: 90°±2°;
◎ Max Angle Of Rotation: 330°±5°;
◎ Manual Operation: ※ Matching Hexagon Wrench, Wsing At No Power;
◎ Running Time: About 10S(Per 90°);
◎ Continuous Running: Continuous Running;
◎ Sound Power Level: Max 50dB(A);
◎ Position Indicator: Mechanical and Screen;

Working Conditions:
◎ Electricity Safety Level: III Type (Safety Low Voltage);
◎ Inflaming Retarding Level: V0 UL94 Test Method;
◎ Enclosure: IP67 As Per En60529/GB4208-2008(All Directions); F Type Can Add Dehumidifying Heater ;
◎ Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ/500VDC ;
◎ Withstand Voltage: 500VAC, 1Min;

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